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Obtaining the Bonds You Need

Make the right investment by obtaining bonds from Yesterpay Holdings Inc ("Yesterpay"). Yesterpay bonds are not sold through the public markets. Yesterpay bonds can be held in self-directed, tax-free savings accounts and registered retirement savings plans. There are no management expense ratios (MERs) deducted from Yesterpay bondholders principal and interest.  To purchase bonds talk to your Financial Advisor or Exempt Market Dealer.

The Benefits of Our Bonds

Type of Bond Term Interest Rate Interest Payment Principal Payment
Series C Bonds 1 Year 6.5% Paid on the last day of each month  Paid on maturity
Series D Bonds 2 Years 7.5% Paid on the last day of each month   Paid on maturity
Series E Bonds 3 Years 8.5% Paid on the last day of each month  Paid on maturity
Series F Bonds 3 Years 8.5% Compounded monthly and paid on maturity (making the effective rate is 9.6%)
Paid on maturity
  • Bonds backed by quality commercial receivables
  • One, two or three year bond terms
  • Automatic repayment when bond matures
  • RRSP, RRIF, RESP and TFSA eligible
  • Professionally managed and administered
  • Privately funded by Canadians
  • Supporting Western Canadian businesses