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In 2012, Yesterpay Holding Incorporated (Yesterpay) was established to help grow our sister company, CapitalNow. Yesterpay was conceived and designed specifically to provide CapitalNow with a scalable, stable, diverse and cost efficient source of capital.  Yesterpay allows individual investors to participate in the CapitalNow business.  In 2016, Yesterpay Holdings Incorporated became CapitalNow’s primary source of capital.

CapitalNow Incorporated (CapitalNow) was founded in 2008 with the primary goal of helping small and mid sized organizations in Western Canada find capital to grow their businesses.  

During their respective careers, the founders of CapitalNow, Gerry and Natalie Wawzonek started, owned and operated several businesses.  From these entrepreneurial experiences, they quickly discovered that small business owners and entrepreneurs have limited access to capital.  Businesses and their owners are regarded as high risk by traditional lenders and as a result, require brokers to obtain loans and mortgages in the secondary market.

Natalie and Gerry learned a great deal of what worked (and what did not) as entrepreneurs prior to founding CapitalNow. Through those experiences, they developed CapitalNow’s business model with the express goal of NOT doing it like everyone else. They saw a lot of things they did not like in the financial industry.  This led them to the conclusion that being different was not a luxury, but a necessity.

The Wawzoneks questioned every aspect of the business they were creating and how it should be executed. They decided that the approach was to be customer focused, principles based and firmly grounded in facts and common sense.

Since its inception, CapitalNow has worked with hundreds of clients and their customers to find capital to grow their businesses. CapitalNow has weathered the 2008 and 2014 downturns in the economy, using those challenging times to refine the logistics associated with their values based customer service.

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