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EMD Support Tools

We encourage Exempt Market Dealers to use the links below. 

Western Pacific Trust 

Western Pacific Trust Company has approved the bonds of Yesterpay Holdings Inc. for acceptance into self-administered RRSPs and TFSAs for which WPTC acts as trustee |


Questrade has approved the bonds of Yesterpay Holdings Inc. for acceptance into self-administered RRSPs and TFSAs for which Questrade acts as trustee |

As of Feb. 2020

Questrade now requires an Exempt Market Dealer Letter of Direction (attached) to ensure there is an exempt market dealer on record for every purchase made and to ensure a client has gone through suitability, due diligence and KYC.

Please also note the following investor requirements:

Investor must be a resident of Canada

Investment account must maintain at least a $1000 balance in cash (not accounting for the cost of the investment itself)

Investors cannot make a purchase, share deposit or transfer in an exempt market product or private placement in an RESP, annuity or locked in account (ex. RIF, LIF, LIRA, Locked-in-RRSP)

Purchases can only be made in a retirement account if the redemption date of the exempt market product or private placement is prior to the investor turning 71

All purchase documents required by Questrade must have an original hand signature made by the client/issuer. Electronic signatures on any purchase document will not be accepted. Questrade will accept a scanned PDF copy of the required purchase documents.

If there are any questions, please contact productsupport@

Olympia Trust Documents  

Letter of Indemnity and Direction | Corporate, Individual or Joint Account
Letter of Indemnity and Direction | Registered
Olympic Trust Company Contact List
Letter of Authorization 

Purchase Instruction Form
Fee Schedule
PCS Exempt Market 

Expense Submission Documents 
Please download the excel template below, and follow the instructions outlined in the PDF.

Expense Template (Excel)
Travel and Entertainment Expense Submission Policy (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions for EMD's and Representatives 
The document contains answers to frequently asked questions regarding completion of subscription agreements

Yesterpay FAQ Cheat Sheet

Outdated Subscription Agreements

If you have an outdated subscription agreement from a previous Offering Memorandum, you can update it by downloading this 3 page document.  You (the dealer representative), will have to update the agreement and have your client initial page 2 and sign page 3.  The submit the new form with the old subscription agreement.

Offering Summary Signature Page

Full Generic Subscription Agreements

If you are looking for a PDF Enterable Form for the complete subscription agreement package.  The two links below provide these forms.

Generic Subscription Agreements

Generic Subscription Agreement for Olympia Trust

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The two documents can be utilized by EMD's and Representatives to promote Yesterpay

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